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Today, well yesterday, four intrepid adventurers descended into the depth of PotD. Who knows what perils await them as they slowly make their way past 200 levels of terror in their quest for fame and glory. I will keep you up to date as their progress continues at semi-scheduled intervals deep into the heart of the Play of the Day!

... wait, it's called Palace of the Dead? Now, you tell me, that makes so much more sense...

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*taps fingers together*

The Secret World will be relaunched during the first half of 2017. The goal of the relaunch is to broaden the appeal of the game through:

  • Redesigned new player experience
  • Major improvements to gameplay including combat.
  • Introduction of new retention systems such as daily rewards.
  • Adjustments to the business model, including allowing access to the story content for free

From the Funcom’s Fourth Quarter Financial Report for 2016

So I have taken the liberty of renting a dedicated server for the rather popular 7 Days to Die zombie survival game. With the continuing life support state of Landmark and the hopes of us being able to create our own world full of monsters to challenge and a city to build my research has taken me here. With some really incredible construction capabilities, good graphics, challenging enemies, and what I am finding to be a really powerful moding ability I think this could be a lot of fun for those interested. While there is currently a console version available, they are separate in so far as servers go but that may change. Things are still in flux on that end.

But for those that can and would like to know what it feels like to be huddled in pitch black in the corner of a burnt out cottage freezing your butt off in your burlap clothes in the middle of a blizzard while your teeth chatter more from the sounds of blood thirsty zombies scrapping against the flimsy walls... Remember, everything is more fun with friends, even running for your life from a zombie horde. I will be posting the information up in the Crossroads. See you there and don't forget to bring zome Twinkies!

Welcome back to Patch 3.3!

This is a huge patch with a ton of content, but let's take a quick look. 

Here’s a few highlights:

  • Main Scenario
  • New Warring Triad
  • More Relic Quests
  • New Dungeons
  • Second Void Ark Alliance Raid
  • Hildibrand
  • Mog Beast Tribe
  • Beast Tribe Glamours
  • Treasure Hunting Dungeons
  • Indoor Gardening for Flowers
  • New Housing
  • New Triad Cards
  • More MGP Prizes
  • New Hairstyles
  • New Emotes
  • Job Battle Changes
  • Raid Finder Added
  • New PVP Arena
  • Select Potion Recast Times Reduced
  • Crafting/Gathering Adjustments
  • New Mounts and Minions
  • New Recipes


This is a huge patch, so I highly encourage you to check out the full patch notes: Full Release Notes

And here's a link to your unlock cheat sheet: 3.3 Unlocks


How'd you like it?! I loved it!

Let's take a look at some of our heroes and see what how they're being used:

Genji, Reaper, Pharah, Tracer, McCree, and Soldier 76
    These are all big damage dealers and this category has no issue, even though some people use Genji as a sniper.

Junkrat, Mei, Torbjorn, Bastion, Hanzo, and Widowmaker
    This build includes one builder (Torbjorn) and two snipers (Hanzo and Widowmaker), and let's be honest a very tanklike Bastion. Mei and Junkrat are great defensives, but should not be alone for best results.

D.Va, Zarya, Reindhart, Winston, and Roadhog
    These are some pretty good tanks, but the best is Reindhart. He creates a large wall shield that team members can hide behind and shoot the enemy without fear of being hit. Roadhog honestly doesn't feel like a tank as he has no shields, but a gap closer for other offensive characters. Also, D.Va doesn't provide shields for the rest of her team, just herself. Her ultimate, Self-Destruct, can be pretty nice though >D

Lucio, Mercy, Symmetra, and Zenyatta
    These are some pretty great support roles, but they are each very different. Symmetra is also considered a builder due to her turret ability. In fact, she is the only support character without a heal! She places shields on team members and creates a teleport from the spawn point to gain some strategic advantages.

A longer review can be found in our Overwatch Beta Thread

All in all, I want this game! I reached level 23 before Beta closed and I wish my progress wasn't wiped. I won't be able to play on PC (poor thing can't handle it), but I'm totally up for PS if anyone wants to team up! 

I can't wait for the official release on May 24th!

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