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Patch 2.4 is live and brings with it lots of new toys and features for us to enjoy. As an interesting side effect, it also seems to have brought home many of our lost lambs. Guess they simply could not ignore the call of the Ninja! Ninja Lambs... hrmm, someone get me Michael Bay on the phone!

So of course everyone is excited about the new base class Rogue, which to be honest, I am loving more than I think I will the advanced job Ninja. *shrug* The story has progressed even further into the icy northlands of Coerthas and an inevitable battle with a new primal! Everyone's favorite lovable dink Hildebrand has returned to amuse us with more of his mis-adventures. Three new amazing hard more instances exploring Sastasha, The Sunken Evil Mean Horrible Dreaded Tample of Qarn, and *dun dun dunnnn* Snowcloak... Ooooooo. It get's cold up there, pack something warm.

This is just a small sampling with new tomes to collect, new recipies, new minions... a new cash shop... >:[ ... Anyway, check out the full patch notes here and we will see you in game. If you have any questions about where to find these cool new additions, never hesitate to ask. Unless I am on my rogue... in which case I am in deep cover, and under radio silence. No Minfillia I do not want to talk to you right now, get off this channel!

It's that time of year again... mwahaha! You know which one I am talking about. Time for ladies to take random profession uniforms and chop them into tiny little pieces for costumes! I mean in the real world, not in Eorzea. They would never do that in... *looks at banner* never mind. Anyway...

All Saints Wake is upon us! That means spooky decoration, new quests, and hopefully some new candy! Pumpkin Head on, ready to trick or treat. Best time of year to be a Lalafell, no one says a word when we go knocking on doors asking for candy. Now come December however... not so much good with the being three feet tall thing. :( So get out there and be spooky, be kooky... be all together ooky!

It's Sanctum's Family! *snap snap*

It’s time to bust out your bathing suits and slather on that burn ointment – where you’re going, you won’t be needing sunscreen, because the Moonfire Faire is back!

Starting tomorrow, August 14th, you’ll be able to chat with the Moonfire Faire chaperones to kick off the event, and you’ll find each chaperone waiting for you in Limso Lomimsa’s upper decks (x 11, y 13), Old Gridania (x 10, y 9), and Ul’dah, on the steps on Nald (x 10, y 9).

This year you’ll be able to get several lovely awards that would be great for glamoring if you want that comfortable, pretty look. The only thing that could make your lovely yukata outfits better would be the ability to dance in it… But wait you can!

This year, participants in the festival can learn the "Bomb Dance,” which I’m sure will be lovely to see. I know I can’t wait to show everyone how good I am at the Bomb Dance. In fact, I may even be DA BOMB at it.

Now, after you’ve put your crickets away, we can get back to business! If you’ve never participated in the Moonfire Faire before, that’s no problem! I’m sure several members of the Free Company will be working their tails off (some of them literally, those poor, poor Miqo’te) to earn the awards, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding someone in our lovely group who has it figured out! The only thing you need to worry about is participating, because once the event is gone, so are all of the awards! So get out there everyone, get your pretty outfits on, and maybe start working on that tan, because the bombards are coming to town!

Final Fantasy XIV will be reactivating the accounts of any previous customers over the coming weekend. The duration of the event will be from Friday morning (7/18 12:00AM) until Sunday at midnight (7/21 12:00AM). During this time we may see faces that have not been around for a while so do not be surprised. Please take the time to introduce yourselves and welcome them back. With all the new content added possibly since their absence coupled with the warm welcome of our current family who knows, they may decide to return permanently. So here is to seeing some missed but never forgotten members.

Party AnimusA big congratulations to our favorite big green monkey Goonie for being the first in our FC to acquire his Animus Weapon! If you are not aware, this is a task that requires countless hours of tireless camping for FATEs (unless you are Goonie and then it takes about 15 minutes...), accumulation of over TEN thousand Tomes of Mythology, and the completion of tons of specific, often rare requirements. In the end an epic journey culminating in the glowy, sparkly, Vorpal Lightsaber Axe of Whup%&#ery! We salute you my friend... and then possibly suggest a vacation... or some therapy... or both. :)
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Happy belated birthday, Kaedra! And I just got my Ironworks Pants of Healing just now. :sick:
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Happy Birthday Kaedra
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