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March 2015

Thursdays and Fridays are now (and for the near future) set down to where members can test their mettle against the harder fights. Extremes and Coil are back on the calendar! It's asked that you sign up for these events, so to allow proper time and planning to be given to all, and as a simple courtesy to fellow members and those that are leading. 

How does one sign up for these events? (or any event?) I am so glad you asked! 

1. Click on the date of the event that you are interested in.
This will show the titles of anything planned for that date.
(It will also contain the time of the event.)

Click on the event that you wish to participate in to get more
information about it. 

2. Under the 'Attendance list' you can click on 'Sign-up for this Event!
Your name will be automatically added. 

3. Even if you are unsure that you can attend, you can always 'Set Status' to 'Maybe'
to signify interest!  In the same spot where you once could 'Sign-up for this Event!'
you can now Set notes, set your status, and even choose what class you want to come on!

New information has been released by Square regarding the Main Scenario, as well as 'The Steps of Faith', which looks to be bringing the dragon lore on in a big way! The ramp up to Heavensward continues end of this month! 

See all details here...

The time is almost upon us. Those crazy Mandervilles have been hard at work setting up shop for us on the beautiful coast of Costa del Sol and the doors are set to be open in less than a week. *points to the countdown to the left* For those unfamiliar, the Golden Saucer is going to be a casino/arcade/racetrack hybrid with lots of fun activities to enjoy when you are not busy beheading some Primal or playing dollie dress up with your Miqo'te Some of the many activities to be included are:

  • Triple Triad - A collectable card game
  • Chocobo Racing - A racing/breeding system
  • GATEs - Golden Saucer Active Timed Events (isn't that GSATEs?)
  • Mini-Games - Monster Toss, Crystal Tower Striker, Moogle's Paw
  • Cactpot - A weekly lottery drawing

Watch a video and read up on all the details in the Letter from the Producer.

Does this make Costa del Col the new Vegas? Are we going to start seeing Luisioux impersonators and overpriced hotels with Eorzean themes? We would need a Lalafellin mafia and headliners... a bunch of Tonberries that play music on odd ancient contraptions. We could call them the Green Man Group... people could get hammered and married to members of their PUG at 3AM for 5gil. We would need a red light district... chocobo parking...

It is that time of year again for the ladies to get dolled up in well... even more scantily clad outfits and be woo'd by their prospective woo'er. The whole shindig get's underway starting this February 3rd at midnight and lasts all the way up to February 16th. So get out those boxes of chocolates and sharpen those poem pencils because it is time to start the heart races... hearts racing.. anyway. Speak to Lisette de Valentione in New Gridania in the usual hangouts by the stage and she can help you spread some romance. Looks like this year we are getting barding for our Chocobos so they can feel loved too. Eeeeee! >.>

Full details here.

Only 7 more days left until we see the next big patch hitting. 2.5 brings with it a laundry list of new goodies including several instance upgrades: Wanderer’s Palace HM (Tonberries are so cute), Amdapor Keep HM (Sorry, you said two walls?), and the completely new Keeper of the Lake! (Now THAT’S a dragon)

For those with a penchant for gambling the Mandervilles will be introducing new story and hints toward the initial aspects of their new gold plated luxury hotel and casino nestled on the white sandy beaches of Cosa del Sol… the Golden Saucer! I’m sorry, they had me at the basketball hoop game. Guess we know where drunk night is going to be held from now on. The Golden Dave and Buster’s! Unfortunately, the grand opening isn't until 2.51 in February. :(

I see Square has been copying us. Chocobo racing was our idea! Shhh… that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. I get to be Mario! The Triple Triad collectable card game because seriously, you just aren’t a successful MMO unless you have a collectable card game these days.

Odin finally tosses his helm into the arena with a new Primal battle, Urth’s Font, (How hard can he be? I mean his horse only has four legs Pshshs!) and we finally descend … ascend … enter the final stage of the Crystal Tower, The World of Darkness *queue ominous music*… wait, wasn’t that a cancelled CCP MMO? Ooohh, I hope there are vampires! I love Kate Beckinsale! All and all it looks creepy and spooky and just the sort of place I want to go with 16 other random strangers that want to troll me.

All and all a truck load of new content for a game that already has more stuff than I can fit into my busy schedule, and all for free. Let’s show them some love people. Seven days and counting so let’s get ready and see what happens after the Before the Fall… later. This time stuff gets so confusing.

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