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Maintenance 3.05 hotfixes - 4hr

So what's new in this Patch?

  • Allagan Tomestones of Esoterics (limit of 450 each week) 
  • Items used to upgrade Law gear can be purchased with Law tomes - though at a ridiculous price
  • Introduction of Alexander: Godrias(Savage)
  • New PVP area: Seal Rock (Seize)

  • Automatic logout has been removed.
  • New Items and Crafting Recipes - is this finally our artifact gear? (image from patch notes)

These are just a few highlights. Read more in the full patch notes

Today's Community Member Torchlight follows our normal tradition of highlighting both a Veteran of Sanctum, as well as a newer recruit. 

We start off with C'astiel Tia, who has been with Sanctum from almost its inception in FF14.  

For a long time, Cas was one of the few that primed on their Monk. He's put in a lot of work on the class, working hard to ensure he's been geared out. 

When not saving Eorzea, he also works on his Astrologian and crafting classes. 

It's a little known fact that Sanctum's Consortium is the brainchild of Cas. It's because of his idea that our crafters have been able to work together to accomplish so very much. 

By the new year, Cas will have hopefully earned his doctorate in speech therapy. His current dissertation involves Residual Speech sound errors, and using ultrasound technology to overcome certain aspect of it. (Specifically to teach how to aquire the 'rolling R' sound that native speakers of spanish use.)

Hailing from central US, Cas is very much looking forward to completing his schooling and getting into his occupation of choice. 

 Our next Torchlighter is Kalen Ken
Kalen joined Sanctum 6/27/2015, following a previous Torchlighter - Raedrin Shadeslayer. 

Kalen is a veteran of many an MMO, before making his way to Eorzea. Currently, he is in Pre-expansion content but moving quickly into Ishgard. 

A welshman, hailing from Britain - Kalen is currently studying coding, and looking to work part time at a hospital. 

Patch 3.01 has been relased, and with it we get a whole new raid to explore and conquer!

Alexander: Gordias is the new raid, with a minimum ilvl of 170 required to enter. I look forward to seeing Sanctum take its first steps into the raid: screenshots will be taken, and scribes will be present to record our discover for all furute explorers. 

A present for the bards and Machinist (at least, I think its a gift?)
You will find in the patch notes adjustments made to your abilities, which I beleive are suppposed to fix issues caused by the use of some abilities.

For minion collectors: There are 2 new minions now available for purchase on the mog station. 

Full notes can be found through the link to the left.

I shall meet you all at the gates to Alexander. See you there :)

After countless diligent hours spent gathering, fashioning, and coordinating a list of materials 20 yalms long, today marked the maiden voyage of our free company's first airship, the Sorus Dol. Christened in honor of the powerful dragon that first oversaw the founding of Sanctum and remains its protector today we too take to the skies. May her flights remind all of us of the heights of accomplishment we have attained together as a community, and the breadth of her voyages that there is no limit to how far we can yet go. To Sanctum. *raises glass*

As I am at work - I'm just going to leave this here.... 

Hotfix Patch Notes [link]

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