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Hi everyone! 

We have a few updates available for member perusal. Shade's State of the City has been written regarding the status of Sanctum and the direction we want to go in the future. 

Corinth has likewised penned a missive regarding what our members are empowered to do, and why you are all so very awesome!

Hello all! 

This Saturday, starting around 9pm est, we will be getting members together for our website banner. That's right! What better way to celebrate our website by showing off our awesome members?

Please make every effort to be on, in order to be included in this picture! We want all of our family to be in on this. 

Also have a spare outfit selected dyed to Sanctum colors. (if you don't have one - read on!)

Shirt: Abyssal Blue 

Pants/Skirts: Black

Boots: Preferred Abyssal Blue. Black acceptable

Gloves: Preferred Abyssal Blue. Black acceptable

Hat: Preferred Abyssal Blue. Black acceptable

Accents/Jewelery/Baubles : Gold and silver.

If you need help with the dyes, or outfit please let us know!

Congratulations to our resident Astrologians! You have once again been buffed!

  • Heal potency increase (including regens)
  • Increase duration for The Balance, Bole and Arrow cards.

Monk Damage bonuses have been increased.

We can now see the TP bar of all party members (Finally!)

For our Gatherers.

The rate at which concealed gathering points appear has been increased by 300%!

The bad news... Durations of favours has been reduced to 5 minutes.

Full notes can be found by following the link to the left.

The Moonfire Faire has returned to Eorzea!

The Annuel summer celebration has returned, bringing us new seasonal quests to complete, with new event Items.

For wandering aventurers interested in helping this festival be a success, The quests can be started in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11,Y:13)

6 hour Maintenance. What did it give us?

  • Increase in amount of red/blue scripts earned from each turn in (Finally!)

We also have the usual mountain of issue fixes, which you can find by following this link.

Hotfix Patch Notes

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Dodo, Slime, Bomb, Cactuar, and Goobue Earrings available for 1 gil at special vendors in the 3 main cities until December 10th![link]
Ahhh Kyss!! I wonder if they have Ravana and the Moogle King
Found the Shiva fight theme on iTunes! <3
I will keep the contest open until next Tuesday, Keep um comming!!
Loved the 'getting to know you' entries!
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