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Last night, completely on a whim, eight members of our amazing community decided to try out Bahamut's Coil. Not only did they succeed in besting Turns One and Two, they did Two on their first try. I would like to offer my congratulations to those who showed last night that you don't have to be some elitist, jerk guild to enjoy everything that gaming has to offer. No drama, no pointing fingers or complaints that someone's DPS wasn't 1337. Just a group of friends having the time of their lives.

Thank you to everyone that proved to all those that have bailed on us, all of those that complained that we were not leveling fast enough, that we can do it and we will continue to enjoy and partake in all aspects of gaming, no matter how difficult. We will simply do it in our time and remembering each day that all of this, all the loot, the achievements, the levels mean nothing if you can't share the journey with people you love.

Turn 1 - Naomi, Lei, Bender, Belle, Shadex, Mlody, Xilean, Krazy

Turn 2

Patch 2.2 Preview

Shadex De'marr o posted Mar 7, 14  -  FFXIVMMO
Square was kind enough to give us a small sneak peak at some of the new areas that will be released with the 2.2 patch on the horizon. First on the list is The Lost City of Amdapor. Delving into a city lost at the end of the Fifth Astral Age what terrors lie in wait for the Warriors of Light? I don't know but I shudder to think about even entering a city that may be completely surrounded by "The Wall".
Next will be the 'Hard Mode' version of Halatali and BRAYFLOX NON-STOP! Halatali has been all cleaned up post our first excursion and pest control sweep. However, as with any good lair, cleaning out the old tenants only leaves room for something scarier to move in. And finally everyone's favorite Brayflox has evidently been taken over by the Illuminati... no, that is not me trying to make a joke. Square is actually adding the Illuminati to FFXIV. I would have preferred the Templars but I don't think I would have had the heart to fight Sonnac as a boss. Now Kirsten... I wanted to shoot her before I left the tutorial.
All the new instances are 4 man so getting groups should be easy and each has an ilevel 55 requirement so pretty much any 50 can enjoy. You will have to complete "The Ultimate Weapon" quest so that may end up being the biggest challenge. I will keep you posted as new info becomes available.

Labyrinth Completed

Shadex De'marr o posted Jan 21, 14  -  FFXIVMMO
While many of us have completed the Labyrinth of the Ancients solo or in mixed teams, tonight marked our first full Free Company run and to great success. We had a wonderful team and even with some of them running their first time everyone performed amazingly and should be very proud. Some even walked away with some wonderful new rewards as well. Congratulations to Deimos on winning Onion Boots for his Dragoon and to Evanlyn for her Ballad Sash for her Bard.

Bender, Belle, Mlody, Evanlyn, Shadex, Amaya, Deimos, and Sonic.

So information continues to pour in from Square regarding the upcoming release of the Free Company housing system. The most recent live broadcast weighs in at a little over two and a half hours and covers a veritable mountain of information including upcoming adjustments for both Warriors and Dragoons. I won't spoil the surprises but I will say after seeing all three neighborhoods the property outside Limsa Lominsa is going to go fast! At least we will finally have a use for all those swimsuits we bought. From workshops to our own vendors to the ability to build our own airship the list of amazing features is just too long to do justice. Read all about it here.

On a side note, the Libra Eorzea app. launched today for Android users. A complete database for items, quests, achievements, and characters all it is missing is the ability to chat with in game friends the way the Rift app. did. Perhaps they will add it.

Community Splash Page

Shadex De'marr o posted Oct 17, 13  -  FFXIVMMO
I will be developing a splash page for the site in the coming weeks that will be similar in design to the FFXIV wallpaper seen here. My request is that each of our members puts on their best and most heroic outfit, stats don't matter so long as you think you look good. (no bikinis). If you are a dedicated crafter or gatherer put on your best crafting outfit, some of those are amazing. Then take some screens of yourself from various angles doing heroic stuff similar to the ones you see in the wallpaper and email them to me. I will then be taking the subjects out of their backgrounds and compiling them into the collage for the main page. I would also like to see everyone emblazon the free company logo on their outfit as well as I will be incorporating it into the final product. Thank you for your participation and for making Sanctum the single greatest community in online gaming.
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Happy Birthday, Ladae!
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Happy Birthday Ladae
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