Stormblood - Patch 4.0

Hello all! 

While a few of our family still travel Eorzea, a number of us have also migrated to prehistoric times in Ark: Survival Evolved.

You can contact any of us for the connection details, if you would like to join us. 

Please pay special attention to the system requirements for this game, as it is extremely resource heavy! Many times you can skirt about them, but I would not recommend it in this case. 

Currently in Early Access, this game is set to go live in a few weeks (sadly, price has already been updated). 

What can you do in Ark? Almost everything (except dig). It's a survival, Dino taming, home building, boss busting, cave crawling experience. Flying, swimming, running, and lots of dying. Lots and lots of dying. Oh my gosh, SO MUCH DYING. 

Ahem. So yes...come join Sanctum in Ark, where we can introduce you to all the fun involved!

SB Patch note header

It's finally arrived! For those who preordered anyway!

This patch is so huge and affects the entire game, regardless of if you bought it or not. Before linking the patch notes, I encourage everyone to check out the new Job Guide. This sleek guide provides list abilities and a handy lil 4.0 box to tell you how the ability has changed. Again, all classes have been changed regardless of the expansion you own.

On to the patch notes: Stormblood: 4.0 Patch Notes

Take your time reading, especially if you enjoy PVP! If you don't want to take the time to scour the notes for quest or class quest unlocks, check out my thread HERE

Have fun everyone, no matter what server you're on, and no matter what guild you're in. Don't be ashamed to relearn your class or ask others for questions. Keep Eorzea classy ;)

Stormblood Early Access available now, Full release on June 20th.

Hello my fellow Sanctumites!

While many of our family are not currently playing FFXIV, i thouhht i would leave this here for any who are interested.

FFXIV new expansion "Stormblood" will be released on 20th June 2017.

The Benchmark for Stormblood is available and can be found Here!

For the PS4 players, the benchmark video can be viewed Here!

WARNING: spoilers contained in the benchmark video.

Today, well yesterday, four intrepid adventurers descended into the depth of PotD. Who knows what perils await them as they slowly make their way past 200 levels of terror in their quest for fame and glory. I will keep you up to date as their progress continues at semi-scheduled intervals deep into the heart of the Play of the Day!

... wait, it's called Palace of the Dead? Now, you tell me, that makes so much more sense...

TSW Logo

*taps fingers together*

The Secret World will be relaunched during the first half of 2017. The goal of the relaunch is to broaden the appeal of the game through:

  • Redesigned new player experience
  • Major improvements to gameplay including combat.
  • Introduction of new retention systems such as daily rewards.
  • Adjustments to the business model, including allowing access to the story content for free

From the Funcom’s Fourth Quarter Financial Report for 2016

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