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May 2015

Odin wanders the Shroud no longer.

As on this night Sanctum came together to do battle against the elder primal, and emerged victorious. To commemorate such an event, here is something I have written that I hope you enjoy (no teasing my skills at writing, as I am no bard)

It was a quiet night at the house in mist,
The occupants were tired, worn from the day's events.
As they all relaxed, doing the things they wished.
Some were crafting, others gathering, while a few reminisced.
A cheerful miqo'te, brings life to the house
as he mentions that Odin is still running about.
The adventurers rally, as their excitement mounts,
Preparing for the battle their will is devout.
Rahl and Reaping ready their spells, 
Xilean summons his pet, for an argument he knows well.
Jason collects his bow, while practising his songs.
Daisy collects her wand, as a healer she will come along.
Katalina serves food, so her friends are well fed
While her Fairy flies around over everyone's head.
Belle gathers her blades, spinning them in the air. 
She calls out a ready check, to see if everyone's there.
As Shadex picks up his sword he looks around,
At the family that is Sanctum he seems so proud.
Now that everyone is ready, onward we are bound.
And on to Urth's Fount we travelled.
To take on Odin, and knock him from his saddle.
The Battle went smoothly, like a well rehearsed dance.
The party in sync, almost like a trance.
Odin was defeated, his body is no more
All he leaves in this realm, is his sword evermore.

Community Member Torchlight #2

It's always the intent of this edition to highlight the members of Sanctum both new and seasoned. If there is anyone that you would like to recommend, please feel free to email me here on site! 

Meanwhile, as Summer rolls in and Heavensward approaches we are always thankful for those that are ready to invade Ishgard and face the dragonsong! 

Joining us on this edition of Community Member spotlight is Jason Falk.

Jason will be celebrating his one-year sanctumversary in the beginning of June! Bet he thought we forgot! 

When he is not rescuing poor kittens (and fellow members!) from trees, Jason spends time with his other (non Sanctum) family and is currently working his way through a nursing program. Jason has proven to be one of our most stalwart friends and is always looking out to make sure members have what they need to enjoy themselves in game.  He sets himself aside always to be available to others, and is one of our unsung (until now) heroes. Leorin will be composing a song, as soon as I nail him down. *goes to find Leo*

Jason's studies will be resuming in June as well, and we all wish him the best. If only so it can hasten a speedy return to us here! 

Second up in our member spotlight is Raedrin Shadeslayer.

Despite her fearsome nomenclature, Shadex's additional hiring of bodyguards has proven unneccessary. Rae has levelled her White Mage in quite the spectacular fashion, astounding those who knew her by choosing to use her powers for good instead of for roasting things. Known in the past for playing offensive casters in other MMO's, her decision to take the White has proven beneficial to us all that have not died on her watch. 

Raedrin is currently studying PC awesomeness in her classes, and has recently been beset by much travelling. We wish her a speedy return to us here! 

Patch 2.57 hotfixes brought to us one thing. A raise in the weekly Poetic caps from 450 tomes to 900 tomes.

For those who can collect poetic tomes, this means we are no longer restricted to getting one ironworks piece a week, or saving for two weeks to buy the chest or legs. Also it is now possible to get the ironworks weapon in two weeks of capping poetics, instead of four.

For those of us who struggled to get the 450 tomes to cap, I wish us all Good Luck in trying to meet this cap each week.

Sanctum's very own Raarsi has created a haven for anything from spoilers to wild speculation, and the occassionaly dry wit.

His initial episode begins with potential Heavensward spoilers regarding the Dark Knight. He points out that he has no inner knowledge or insider information, but is merely spinning rumors into gold. 

Give it a read here...

And part 2 was just released!

April 27th, 2000, dearest Brother Zanshay suggested that a rag tag bunch from the IGV Vault forums consider creating a player run city in the still developing Ultima Online Origin gameworld. Now here we stand 15 years later surrounded by an incredible family and a warm wonderful history. Never could we have imagined back then that after all this time Sanctum would not only still be around but stronger than she has ever been before.

Over the next week we will be looking back into the annals of our history, recalling some of the incredible times we have had and people we have shared them with. In the end Sanctum is only here because of our family. We look to celebrate those that have left their mark and appreciate those that continue to make our community better and better every day.

So look each day for new events, memorabilia and announcements we promise lots of fun and excitement now and to come. Thank you to everyone for making this all possible and as always, may your time with us continue to be long and may each day be filled with many joyous memories. I leave you with this bit of history, this was Sanctum's first logo and banner as we prepared for our move into UO2 15 years ago... has it been that long?

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I'm sorry to hear that Belle. My condolences to you and your family. Take care of yourself okay.
Take care Belle. Our thoughts are with you and your family.
There is a strong possibility that I will not be on tonight. As some of you know, my Uncle has been battling Leukemia. This morning he lost that fight and passed away. I will be spending time with my family.
Because there needs to be something of this epic Epic!!
Why Leo, Why?
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