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January 2015

Only 7 more days left until we see the next big patch hitting. 2.5 brings with it a laundry list of new goodies including several instance upgrades: Wanderer’s Palace HM (Tonberries are so cute), Amdapor Keep HM (Sorry, you said two walls?), and the completely new Keeper of the Lake! (Now THAT’S a dragon)

For those with a penchant for gambling the Mandervilles will be introducing new story and hints toward the initial aspects of their new gold plated luxury hotel and casino nestled on the white sandy beaches of Cosa del Sol… the Golden Saucer! I’m sorry, they had me at the basketball hoop game. Guess we know where drunk night is going to be held from now on. The Golden Dave and Buster’s! Unfortunately, the grand opening isn't until 2.51 in February. :(

I see Square has been copying us. Chocobo racing was our idea! Shhh… that’s our story and we’re sticking to it. I get to be Mario! The Triple Triad collectable card game because seriously, you just aren’t a successful MMO unless you have a collectable card game these days.

Odin finally tosses his helm into the arena with a new Primal battle, Urth’s Font, (How hard can he be? I mean his horse only has four legs Pshshs!) and we finally descend … ascend … enter the final stage of the Crystal Tower, The World of Darkness *queue ominous music*… wait, wasn’t that a cancelled CCP MMO? Ooohh, I hope there are vampires! I love Kate Beckinsale! All and all it looks creepy and spooky and just the sort of place I want to go with 16 other random strangers that want to troll me.

All and all a truck load of new content for a game that already has more stuff than I can fit into my busy schedule, and all for free. Let’s show them some love people. Seven days and counting so let’s get ready and see what happens after the Before the Fall… later. This time stuff gets so confusing.

A big thanks to everyone for the great turn out to this years Holiday Party! Special thanks to Belle and Daisy for all their hard work setting it up and running the show. Congratulations to our big winners of the Ugly Glamor Contest: 1st Place - Leorin, 2nd Place - Rahl, and a special 'In a Pinch' award to Fabricated. Here's to another great year and to many many more wonderful memories in the years to come. A personal thank you to everyone for continuing to make this the only place to be year in and year out.

So I had this wild idea today to rewrite "A Visit from St. Nicholas" with a Sanctum flair. Here is a short excerpt:

Twas the night before that day and all through the city
decorations were hung and made everything pretty.
The Citizens all snug and me in my tower
prepared to lay down at this late winter hour.

You can read the final piece here. So while writing it I began to think about the lore of Sanctum and its ideals and it dawned on me why don't we have holidays? As I wrote the piece an entire mythos emerged as I saw a city draped in lights and the glitter reflecting it back in a million facets. I thought about the power of a single light and voice, each of you, and how the loss of any would dim the whole and leave us lesser for it.

I wanted to propose a new holiday for us Sanctumites, a day for us to focus on the value of our friendships, being part of our family here, and the immeasurable worth that truly embodies. So I present The Symphony of Lights, a time were we all decorate the city in millions of stars and reflective decorations, dress in our finest, and enjoy music and time together remembering how irreplaceable each of you are.

No presents, you are the gift to everyone around you and together our light will shine bright enough that others far and wide might find their way here. We will rise in one voice that all will know the beauty and kindness of our words. What we do here is different and special and you all should be proud. We are who we are because of you. It's time to celebrate that.

This time in November is different for a lot of people depending on traditions, backgrounds, beliefs, and geography. Maybe though today we can all share in the one thing that I personally believe the time really was originally intended to focus on, taking one day to forget about all the things we don't have, and embrace all the wonderful gifts we have been given.

Over the last 15 years I have been blessed with the opportunity to share my life with some of the most amazing people I have ever known. People from all over the world that I would never have had the opportunity to meet had it not been for our community. Each day I get to look forward to being with individuals that care about one another, support each other, and remind me, in a world that at times seems filled to the brim with selfish, callous, hurtful souls, there are still so many bright lights out there worth fighting for.

We should always try each day to let those important to us know how much they mean and not leave it to just one day. But maybe today we all will put a little extra effort in and look very closely at those that have warmed our hearts and changed our lives for the better. Today I am reminded of the gift that is in all of you and words cannot express enough how much my life would have been lessened in your absence. Thank you for all the laughs, for all the memories, good and bad. You all have done so much to make me who I am over the years. We are a global world now and anyone that tells me that family can only extend to biology has never had the honor of knowing people like you.
Thank You
I wrote this in the sand by our house in Mist but the tides already washed it away. :(

Patch 2.4 is live and brings with it lots of new toys and features for us to enjoy. As an interesting side effect, it also seems to have brought home many of our lost lambs. Guess they simply could not ignore the call of the Ninja! Ninja Lambs... hrmm, someone get me Michael Bay on the phone!

So of course everyone is excited about the new base class Rogue, which to be honest, I am loving more than I think I will the advanced job Ninja. *shrug* The story has progressed even further into the icy northlands of Coerthas and an inevitable battle with a new primal! Everyone's favorite lovable dink Hildebrand has returned to amuse us with more of his mis-adventures. Three new amazing hard more instances exploring Sastasha, The Sunken Evil Mean Horrible Dreaded Tample of Qarn, and *dun dun dunnnn* Snowcloak... Ooooooo. It get's cold up there, pack something warm.

This is just a small sampling with new tomes to collect, new recipies, new minions... a new cash shop... >:[ ... Anyway, check out the full patch notes here and we will see you in game. If you have any questions about where to find these cool new additions, never hesitate to ask. Unless I am on my rogue... in which case I am in deep cover, and under radio silence. No Minfillia I do not want to talk to you right now, get off this channel!

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