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Heavensward Launch

After countless diligent hours spent gathering, fashioning, and coordinating a list of materials 20 yalms long, today marked the maiden voyage of our free company's first airship, the Sorus Dol. Christened in honor of the powerful dragon that first oversaw the founding of Sanctum and remains its protector today we too take to the skies. May her flights remind all of us of the heights of accomplishment we have attained together as a community, and the breadth of her voyages that there is no limit to how far we can yet go. To Sanctum. *raises glass*

As I am at work - I'm just going to leave this here.... 

Hotfix Patch Notes [link]

Hello everyone!

The time is near when we will be off to the races. Sanctum will be entering a new expansion this evening and I for one am excited! But during downtime, please do reflect on our community and embrace anew what it is to be Sanctum. 

The discussion starts here. Will you read on?

For all of us eagerly awaiting to take our first steps Heavensward, here is somethign to tease you as we wait out the last few days.

The preliminary patch notes have been released!

Highlights are:

  • Access to ishguard (of course) and other new areas
  • New story and job/class Quests
  • Au Ra race becomes available - bring on the dragon people
  • Flying mounts - it's time to explore the skies (hope no one is afraid of heights)
  • Raise in the level Cap to 60 as well as the new jobs we are all waiting for - Dark Knight, Astrologian and Machinist.
  • Names for new abilities and level when they are received for all classes
  • Individual Class limit breaks - no more 3 bar bard limit break to the rescue.
  • Loot rules can be set when entering a dungeon 
  • Can now try on, search and link an item in the loot window
  • Free Company Workshops
  • Free Company Airships
  • Trial accounts barred from sending friend requests (yay)
  • New minions (Gift for Daisy) 

Enjoy reading the patch notes HERE

As a warning, do not start reading these while in an instance, your fellow party members will not thank you for it.

Today's CMT is a special addition. Normally we try to leaven both the seasoned members with those new to the community. This time, the nominee has this section all to himself!

It seems fitting that he take center page today, as this is Shadex De'Marr's birthday (if the Enjin calendar is to be believed). Even if slightly off, it's a good time to give recognition to the leader of our merry troupe. 

Shadex De'marr! 

(Shade trying out with Naomi for the new FF14 theme'd harlequin romance) 

All kidding aside, Shadex has been nurturing the community now onto it's 15th year and through many itinerations. When not saving Eorzea (and us!) from things that go bump in the night, he and his little lady Sable share dinner together and road trips. 

A most esteemed professor, and very good FC dad to us all. We at CMT wish Shadex the absolute best of birthdays (and every day), and wish that the hair on his toes will never fall out! 

Do you have a particular memory of Shadex? Feel free to post them (along with screenshots) here....

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