Sanctum, originally known as Sanctuary, began in April of 2000 as a social experiment involving the creation of a virtual city within the confines of the still developing Ultima Online - Origin world. With the cancellation of the project many of the original founders went on to other titles while a small group sought to maintain the vision, further develop the concept, and carry it into the present day. Sanctum in its current manifestation has seen 10 wonderful years since its founding and made countless friends and allies.
At its core Sanctum is an online community. While the term ‘guild’ or ’clan’ are popular designations for online player groups, they do not encapsulate the heart of what Sanctum was created to do. As the genre of online interactive entertainment grew, so did the breadth and diversity of its player base. However, still dominated by a chiefly adolescent majority, many of these new gamers found themselves forced into circles developed and maintained by long term, experienced, younger players. In an absence of concern for fledgling recruits, many beginners become frustrated and eventually turned off by the industry as a whole. In addition, as many new arrivals are from a completely new consumer demographic, most established groups do not support an environment suitable for this new, older professional, family oriented influx. Here in lies the catalyst for Sanctum’s creation.
Sanctum, as its name implies, is a safe haven for players seeking an environment free of the language, conduct, cliques, and general social trials typical to the average gaming guild. While strict by some standards, our policies allow us to provide a supportive and friendly experience all too often rare in the anonymous no-holds-barred world of online gaming. Continuing the original concept of a virtual city, Sanctum maintains a rigid and clear-cut hierarchal organizational structure depicting the various political, bureaucratic, civil service, and civilian positions within the city. Such a system has allowed us to provide a level of individual attention typically unheard of in large online organizations. As most of our citizens are mature, older professionals, as well as couples and families, we also closely monitor all communication channels for content and behavior ensuring an environment suitable and comfortable to all.
The City of Sanctum is not a place for everyone. It is however a place for a specific and ever increasing percentage of new gamers or even veterans who grow weary of the macho bravado and overly competitive nature inherent to the average online gaming experience. We ask a lot of our members. However, they in turn gain the protection of our walls, the wisdom of our leaders, and a family with only their needs and concerns in mind. In 10 years the city has laid siege to mighty keeps in Dark Age of Camelot, quelled insurgents in Anarchy Online, battle darkness in Final Fantasy XI, protected innocents in the City of Heroes, and most recently raged against the Horde in the World of Warcraft. Sanctum is so much more than a tag and a chat channel; it is more than statistics and items. Sanctum is home.