Stormblood - Patch 4.0
City Rank Structure

What is a settler? A settler is someone still within their initial trial period. During the first few weeks new members are required to fulfil certain requirements in order to become full members. They must also spend time socializing with the current community to determine a good fit for both parties. During this period they should learn everything they can about who we are, what to expect, what will be required, and what benefits await them.

As a new arrival to our fair city the settler is an individual that has yet to fully decide that Sanctum is the place for them. During this period a settler will look around and get to know its people. They will learn of the requirements and perks of choosing to live here permanently. This is an important time as both the settler and current inhabitants evaluate one another to ensure a good match. Once a decision has been made and the requirements of residency are fulfilled, the settler may become a full member of the community.

What is a resident? A resident is a full member of the community. They have completed their immigration requirements and confirmed their adherence to all city policies. They are not required to take on responsibilities beyond participation, remaining social, and active. This designation is perfect for those that enjoy our environment but may not have the time or desire to take on a larger role.

Sanctum’s residents comprise the bulk of her amazing family. Much like the residents of any major world city they live and play within our protective walls, enjoy the perks of our city’s vast resources, and bask in the comforting light of knowing they are important, not because of their gear, or their ability, but because of who they are. residents are required to closely adhere to the city’s rules and uphold her ideals. While they have not chosen to take up the additional responsibilities of one of her citizens, they are expected to strive each day to enrich the lives of their fellow residents and watch over them in all things as those individuals will do for them in return.

What is a citizen? A citizen chooses to take a job within city. They work in some capacity for one of the various city agencies providing support to their respective leads. They are held to higher expectations than residents in areas such as contribution, consideration of the community, and behavior. They are paragons of Sanctum and all she represents.

Within every city you will find a group of individuals who choose to go a step further. These few choose to take on the various city responsibilities required to ensure the growth and prosperity of their home. Willing to dedicate additional time and effort toward various jobs they work closely within their departments to provide all the amazing features and benefits our residents enjoy every day. Whether they be city engineers toiling away in the Workshop, tacticians and scribes researching and writing for the Herald, merchants and gatherers, or ambassadors and guides spending each day walking among the populace ensuring their happiness and development, each works tirelessly for the betterment of our community.

What is a Councilor? A Councilor holds an officer position within the city. These members expend significant time above and beyond the game working with one another as well as the members of their departments developing, implementing, or maintaining every aspect of city functions. They are responsible for the members under them including their development, happiness, and discipline. They lead by example and are an inspiration to those around them.

As members of the Median Council these individuals have shown a long and proven track record of hard work and dedication toward the city and its members. Thinking beyond the here and now they work together to plan and coordinate the community as a whole and work the hardest for its success. Responsible for all aspects of city life from new settler immigration to current citizen development they are the big picture. These individuals often see a distinct percentage of their playtime shift from actual gaming to meetings and development but for some, there is no greater reward than seeing the happiness and contentment their efforts have brought to others.

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